6 autumn trends that you can knit

Fashion is a part of knitting. Most often it follows the regular fashion but just adjusted to fit knitting: A couple of years ago we were all knitting vests; last year it was the knitted berets; and lately it has been naturally coloured structured knits.

Here are six guesses as to what will be the thing to knit this autumn - so you can get knitting.

Colour Blocking

Blå sweater hjemmestrikket efter AlmaKnits strikkeopskrift

The saturated colours have been coming back strong in the last few seasons and that continues into the autumn - now with multiple colours at once. "Colour blocking" is when you have mulitple surfaces of solid colour. Think of a pink sweater with green trousers. Lots of colours but no patterns. The easiest way to integrate this trend into your knitted wardrobe is to just knit a very colourful sweater or vest and combine it with other colours. If you want to go all in on this trend then you can also colour block a single project.


Sweater strikket efter almaknits strikkeopskrifter med tilføjede frynser

We love fringes! And they are everywhere this season. It is incredibly easy to add fringes to your existing sweater to update it. We made a whole tutorial to show you how - true sustainable fashion.



Grøn baret strikket efter opskrift fra almaknit

As in a whole outfit in green. Different nuances of green but mostly just really strong green. A suggestion of the perfect green yarn is Wild & Soft from Gepard Garn in "Ny grøn" (affiliate link) - that is the yarn the beret above is knitted in (with a strand of silk mohair). Another yarn in a beautiful green is the colour  "Zealous" from KAOS Yarn (affiliate link).



Pink garn fra bc garn med gavekort til almaknit på en strikkeopskrift

Pink is in for another season. And as with the green it is not pastel pink - but really pink pink with a capital P. Suggestions of yarns in this colour are the neon colours in Babyalpaca from BC Garn (affiliate link), but otherwise also Drops Kid Silk in the colour  Cerise (affiliate link) if you are looking for silk mohair.

EXTRA: Actually any colour from the highlighters in your desk drawer is probably trendy this season.   Like the neon colours from BC Garn  ;) (affiliate link)


See Through Materials

Lyserød sweater strikket i silk mohair efter almaknit strikkeopskrift

See-through materials might not fit into everyone's daily life. But if you want to jump on the trend anyway then try silk mohair or brushed alpaca on a big needle - that gives a see-through result that is more suited to everyday life. Like the beautiful beginner sweater in silk mohair. Another way, which is currently popular with the knit designer, is to knit the entire sweater in a  net like lace pattern


Glitter for Daily Life

Grå saddelskulder sweater strikket efter almaknit strikkeopskrifter med glimmertråd

The last trend on the list is glitter - not just for New Year's parties but also for day to day. Add a metallic thread to your yarn for your next sweater as Kira did with the pictured sweater - even if it is not easy to capture in photos. A thin metallic thread which does not really change the gauge, like this one (affiliate link), or alternatively add a heavier one for a more dramatic effect. Like Paia from Filcolana (affiliate link), which is actually really soft.

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