3 Tips for Unleashing Your Knitting Project's Potential with Blocking

Wash with Care

Before blocking, it's important to give your knits a gentle wash. Use a wool wash or mild detergent in lukewarm water. Avoid wringing or agitating your knits to prevent felting. Rinse until the water runs clear and gently squeeze out excess water. Let it dry flat while blocking it. You can also wash it in the machine but make sure you know your machine well.

Blocking Basics: How It Works

Blocking involves wetting your knitted piece, gently shaping it, and letting it dry flat to set the stitches. Use blocking mats or towels and pins to control the process. Pay attention to the measurements in your pattern to ensure your project dries in the desired shape and allow your project to dry completely so that it holds its shape.

Discover advanced blocking techniques

As with any subject you can get lots of fancy equipment. Steam blocking is great for delicate fibres like alpaca or silk. Blocking wires help maintain straight edges for items like shawls and scarves. These tools can take your finishing to the next level, ensuring a professional, crisp appearance but are often not necessary.

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