How to Choose the Perfect Yarn

The first step towards the perfect project is the right yarn. Here are four things to consider to achieve the perfect texture and drape for your project.

Yarn weight matters!

Yarn weight determines the thickness of your project. Lace, fingering, worsted, or bulky—each has its own charm. Think about your project's intended use - you might not want a summer top in bulky yarn.Look for the corresponding weight on the yarn label to ensure your project turns out just as you imagined.

Delve into the world of fibres!

Not all fibres are made equally. Wool provides warmth and elasticity, alpaca offers softness on top of warmth, and cotton lends breathability. Blends like merino-silk combine the best of both worlds. Match your yarn's fibre content to your project's needs so you get the qualities in your project that you want. 

Colour adds character! 

Consider your project's purpose and recipient's taste. Some like vibrant colours, others prefer the fibres' natural colours. Don’t be afraid of experimenting here - hand dyed, solid, or gradient yarns - the options are plentiful. Need inspiration? Nature, art, and fashion can spark your creativity. 

Don't forget to read the yarn label!

It's a treasure trove of information, including care instructions and yardage. Understanding labels helps you plan your project and avoid unexpected surprises. But don’t be afraid to make your own experiments - your gauge might not match the label. And always keep an eye on dye lots for consistent colour throughout your project.

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