The best online knitting resources

It isn't always possible to get help with your knitting from your grandma or local knitting community.  But luckily there are lots of help to find online. We have made a little collection of our favourites.


Drops - short videos

Besides their well known yarn (and many patterns) Drops also have lots of good short videos showing basic knitting techniques. The videos are short at without extensive chit-chat. For example this video showing slip-slip-knit. The videos are great if you need a technique refresh but a little short if you need to learn it for the first time.


Ravelry - social knitters

Ravelry is the largest social media for knitters. You can find lots of patters and see photos of other knitters results and which yarn they knitted it in. To see all this, you will need a user but it is free to sign up.


Stitch Fiddle - draw your own charts

Stitch Fiddle is a website for drawing your own knitting (or cross stitch) charts. They even have a function where you can get a picture translated into a chart. This website is useful if you for example want to play with colours.


AlmaKnit - a personal knitting pattern

AlmaKnit is an online tool for building your own pattern. You put together your own design as you want. But the best feature is probably that you can get your pattern calculated to almost any gauge/tension. So you can knit in whatever yarn you want.



OnYouTube you can find countless videos about knitting (as is the case with almost any topic). You can find knitting help knitting vlogs, knitting reviews and even full video knitting patterns. Plenty of opportunity to find help if you get stuck.

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