Bomuldslabels til strik fra AlmaKnit
Tweed strikvest med label i bomuld fra AlmaKnit
Strikhue med label i bomuld med tryk fra AlmaKnit
Strikvest med bomuldslabel fra AlmaKnit
Tweed strikvest med bomuldslabel fra AlmaKnit

"Knitted with mild affection" label

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Cotton label with the print "Knitted with mild affection".

The soft cotton ensures that there are no sharp corners. The ends are folded over which gives a clean finish.

The label measures 4 x 2 cm.

Also have a look at our two other labels "I was once just a humble ball of yarn" and "I might be unravelling but this sweater isn't", or a set of all three.

The labels were made in collaboration with the British firm Lukewarm Sentiments.